Food bowl and feeding bar Hilton Mini Air Deluxe

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    An absolute dream for all parrots. Our unique Parrots Nature parrot buffet Hilton Mini Air Deluxe.

    Width: approx. 38 cm
    Depth: approx. 35.5 / 56.5 cm (without / with seat branches)
    Depth bowls: 65 mm
    Capacity of bowl: 2 x approx. 1 liter, 1 x approx. 2,5
    Width seat branches (optional): approx. 33 cm
    Length stainless steel chain: from 30 cm to 200 cm

    Now with new screw connection for our proven cup lock!

    Including optional perches
    made of turned round wood (beech, different diameters selectable) or natural wood (teak). Our seat branches can be easily replaced by yourself, as they are mounted with two wing screws each. Just choose the desired thickness.

    By the way: You can reorder new seat branches at any time.

    Includes optional bowl lock (please select). With this it is no longer possible for the birds to lift the stainless steel bowls out of the frame and throw them on the ground. Simply loosen the knurled nuts on the underside of the frame, lift the bowl lock upwards, remove or insert the bowls, replace the bowl lock and fix it again with the knurled nuts on the underside. Very easy handling. The bowl lock has already proven itself many times with our customers and has also been retrofitted several times.

    With its water bowl, the Hilton Mini Deluxe invites you to bathe and also offers a bowl for seeds and another bowl for fresh food such as fruit, vegetables, berries, herbs. Also about a few small fresh branches to nibble from time to time is probably happy every parakeet, Amazon or parrot.

    Suitable for indoor and outdoor aviaries. Our Parrots Nature Stainless Steel Feeding Bar Hilton Mini Deluxe can be used anywhere it can be hung. Simply twist a hook into the ceiling or attach it to an eyebolt or aviary grille with up to 4 optional chain emergency links.

    To feed, simply lift the bowls out of the frame, refill and place back in the frame. Super convenient to use.

    • Stainless steel feeding bowls
    • anodized aluminum frame with 2 mm edge radius
    • stainless steel chain
    • robust seat branches, thickness selectable (optional)
    • free hanging and therefore usable everywhere
    • stainless
    • zinc-free
    • dishwasher safe
    • also suitable for outdoor aviaries
    • chain and screws made of stainless steel

    Suitable for all parakeet and parrot species!

    From our own manufacture!
  • Food bowl and feeding bar Hilton Mini Air Deluxe
    Food bowl and feeding bar Hilton Mini Air Deluxe
    Food bowl and feeding bar Hilton Mini Air Deluxe
    Food bowl and feeding bar Hilton Mini Air Deluxe

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